Pilates Reformer Classes Bayswater Queensway Paddington

Core Kensington new Pilates Reformer Classes Bayswater Queensway Paddington area.

Feel the Difference!
Come see and experience our new beautiful, spacious studio in a new spacious location. Located at 64 Porchester Road W2 6ET in the middle of Notting Hill/ Bayswater/ Queensway/ Paddington area. We are now in a yet better space!

Quality and Individualised Attention
With only 5 class participants per class, so you get the quality and attention that we are known for.

New Amenities
Ladies…Blow drier in your changing room!
Our new studio offers a beautiful reception area, showers, ladies and gents changing rooms with amenities such as blow drier, curling iron, and bath towels. Inside our studio we have a cold water filter with cups for all our clients, and for personal training clients a 500ml Evian water is complimentary.

Classical Pilates and Rehabilitation
We do not offer dynamic Pilates. Although, we are located inside the Bootcamp Pilates building and share their premises, Core Kensington continues to offer the classical Pilates repertoire and specialises in injury and spinal rehabilitation.

High Calibre Instruction
Our instructors are the same fully certified STOTT PILATES® instructors overseen by a registered osteopath, Carlo Yanez.

Back Pain Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation 
We offer Pilates for people with chronic back pain, lumbar spine injuries, such as lumbar disc injuries, mid and upper back pain.

Special populations and Injuries
We teach pilates to  ante and post natal women, clients recovering from sports injuries, scoliosis, shoulder injuries, muscle tears, ankle sprains and other musculoskeletal injuries.

Pilates Reformer Classes Bayswater Queensway Paddington
Pilates Reformer Classes Bayswater Queensway Paddington

or contact us on 02078541934

Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor” Joseph Pilates

Blog written by Carlo Yanez
Registered Osteopath B.A.(Hons.), B.Ost.(Hons)
Fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

Pilates Reformer Classes Bayswater Queensway Paddington
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