Pilates Exercise For Back Pain

Is Reformer Pilates Exercise for Back Pain Beneficial?
Sure. Improved core strength, improved posture, increased flexibility. Pilates exercise is focused on your abdominal muscles, preferentially recruiting the deep ones. The goal is to retrain your muscles to fire when they are required, with the right amount of force at the right time in order to stabilise your spine. At the same time, keep your entire spine mobile. Remember, “You are only as old as your spine is” Joseph Pilates…

Intelligent Exercise. You have to think
If you are looking for someone to fix your back without having to think about what you are doing, Pilates is not for you. If you are willing to put the effort and voluntarily learn how to recruit your muscles by concentrating and focusing on precision and learning anatomically how your body needs to work, this is definitely for you.

Working from the Inside Out.
As with every rehabilitation programme, local stability means that the joints in your spine are preferentially recruited before calling on the big power producing ones. Deep stabilising muscles work close to the joint and need to work before targeting the big mobilising ones. Learn how to do this with our Pilates Exercise for Back Pain classes.

How Does the Spine Degenerate?
As we age and sometimes through injury, the spinal segments degenerate. Spinal Degeneration Happens when the spine is put through stresses that the discs are unable to withstand. Poor posture, sitting for prolonged periods slumping will speed up this process. A weak support system can cause also the spinal segments to shear, compress the discs and it’s contents. (annulus fibrosus and nucleus pulpous.
Compression of the discs cause small tears to appear on the outside portion of the disc (fibrillation). These tears heal with scar tissue. Scar tissue is weaker than the original architecture of the disc.
Overtime, the annulus and nucleus lose its water content, the disc loses height and the vertebral segments come closer to each other. This causes the facet joints in the back to overlap and twist into an unnatural position. In an attempt to stabilise the spine, the body creates bone spurs on the vertebral bodies and the facets. These spurs can cause pain, ache or discomfort as they lose their ability to move properly and may irritate the joint capsule as you move without support.

Pilates as Prevention For Further Damage
Pilates Exercise for Back Pain can help maintain your spinal segments mobile, strengthen your deep abdominal musculature in order to stabilise your spine as you move around in your daily activities.

Blog written by Carlo Yanez
Registered Osteopath B.A.(Hons.), B.Ost.(Hons)
Fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

How To Improve Your Posture

How To Improve Your Posture
This photo is shocking! Yes, a head forward posture should give you a clue to whether you might need to improve your posture or not. With the ubiquitous use of mobile phones, tablets and computers, most of us nowadays spend hours at a time seated or with our heads forward looking over our very loved electronic devices. This results in poor posture, head forward, rounded shoulders, slumped back and believe it or not, this leads to faster degeneration of our spines. The worse part is… you will be degenerating your neck joints much sooner in life with this type of posture. The best part is…you can do something about this…NOW! Keep reading. Continue reading How To Improve Your Posture

Pilates Classical Repertoire

What is the Pilates Classical Repertoire?
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Neck Pain Pilates Exercises

Neck Pain Pilates Exercises
More and more people are experiencing neck pain at earlier ages. The use of smartphones, tablets and computers has our generation hunched over, especially young people. Look around on the street, in restaurants, on the buses or trains. From children to adults the percentage of people leaned over their phones with their head forwards is astonishing. Continue reading Neck Pain Pilates Exercises

Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio

Our boutique Westbourne Grove Pilates studio now offers top classical Pilates reformer classes and personal training. Located inside Bootcamp Pilates (but not affiliated), Core Kensington Pilates studio offers very small Pilates group classes. With a maximum of 4-5 participants our sessions feel like semi-privates. Read about Pilates how works… Continue reading Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio

Why Men Should do Pilates

There are many reasons why Men Should do Pilates:

  • Strengthen Your Abdominal Core Musculature
    Looks are important, but a stronger back, reduced back pain, spinal support, are some the benefits of Pilates training. First, lets talk about looks. Having a six-pack looks great but only when you have a slim waistline to go with the six-pack. Strong obliques and deep transversus abdominis muscles provide you with that narrow waistline. Of course, diet and low body fat must be in place. The six pack forms when you train your superficial rectus abdominis muscle that runs up and down the abdomen, not the sides. However, overtraining this muscle might cause muscle imbalances and your deeper muscles may still remain weak. Pilates exercise still trains your superficial muscles so that you can enjoy the six-pack look, but classical
  • Pilates preferentially recrtuits the deeper layers, so that you can strengthen from the deep core. This in turn this helps reduce the size of your waistline by giving you a corset-effect, as the fibres run horizontally and obliquely around your waist. Moreover, these deeper muscles help support your lower back and may help in reducing back pain.

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Top Pilates classes Bayswater Paddington Notting Hill

Top Pilates classes Bayswater Paddington Notting Hill
We are specialists in mindful movement and teach the very challenging Pilates classical repertoire. Core Kensington Offers Top Pilates classes Bayswater Paddington Notting Hill. Our lovely new studio is located at 64 PORCHESTER ROAD, BAYSWATER, LONDON W2 6ET  just an 8 minute walk from Bayswater tube station in London. We are located inside Bootcamp Pilates at studio (but not affiliated). Continue reading Top Pilates classes Bayswater Paddington Notting Hill

Back Pain Pilates Classes Bayswater Paddington

Back Pain Pilates Classes Bayswater Paddington

Suffering with Low Back Pain?
Don’t wait until it your pain gets out of control. Not all Pilates classes are suitable for people with non-specific low back pain, or with chronic low back pain. Our Pilates classes may help as part of a conservative treatment option for people with non- specific low back pain with or without sciatica. Our highly qualified instructors can help you with modifying exercises to suit your needs. Our staff is supervised by a qualified, registered osteopath.
We strongly believe that prevention is the key to avoid re-injury, especially for patients who suffer with chronic low back pain. Read why and how you can help your low back pain with Pilates exercise. Continue reading Back Pain Pilates Classes Bayswater Paddington

Post Natal Pilates Classes Paddington

Post Natal Pilates Classes Paddington

No babysitter? No problem
BYOB = Bring your own Baby! That’s right. Yes, you are welcome to come and train with your baby alongside in this class.
Regain control of your body with our safe Pilates reformer classes taught by STOTT PILATES® qualified instructors. Reconnect with your abdominal muscles from deep to superficial. Learn how to retrain your deep core, pelvic floor and safely gain strength in the muscles of your abdomen and shoulder stabilisers, which are crucial during the breast feeding period. Our Post Natal Pilates Classes are delivered with ample knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and with the understanding of every clients’ unique needs during the postpartum period. Classes are overseen by a qualified, registered osteopath who participates in the programming and quality of the sessions. Continue reading Post Natal Pilates Classes Paddington

Top Pilates Reformer Classes Paddington

Top Pilates Reformer Classes Paddington

Just 8 minute walk from Paddington train station. Core Kensington now offers top Pilates reformer Pilates classes Paddington. Our studio is now open now for bookings.
Try our bespoke classical Pilates reformer classes with only 4 to 5 participants allows you to get the attention you need.
Read more… Continue reading Top Pilates Reformer Classes Paddington