Pilates Matwork Classes London:
The Pilates matwork or Pilates on a mat are a series of exercises that are done on the floor without the use of Pilates equipment, such as the Pilates Reformer. There are virtually dozens of exercises and modifications that can be done and used to train your core muscles, arms, back muscles and legs. The Pilates matwork is a full body workout and it’s divided into Essential, intermediate and Advanced levels.
The principles are the same as with the equipment.

As you progress onto the more advanced exercises, these should flow without having to stop to lean them and the difficulty increases. Less body parts on the mat, more choreography and greater body control increase the difficulty of the exercises.

What to expect?
The Pilates Matwork is definitely not about starching and breathing alone. The work on the floor is one of the most challenging workouts in the repertoire. The workout is about strength, flexibility, coordination, control and the ability to flow whilst keeping the correct technique. In fact, Pilates exercise originally was named Contology.
Once you try it you will be hooked. Discover the benefits of this fantastic workout.

Pilates Matwork Classes Kensington London
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We offer pilates matwork classes london in our studio in central (Kensington) London at request.
If you have never tried Pilates before do not be afraid in signing yourself onto a beginners class. Our beginners and intermediate classes can challenge even the most advanced clients.

Pilates Matwork is Not for Women Only
Both men and women can greatly benefit from the Pilates repertoire. In fact, the Pilates repertoire was created by a man and designed to train athletes and dancers. We incorporate the classical Pilates repertoire with a bit of conditioning. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted.
Find out how to strengthen your core muscles, add mobility to your entire body, improve your stamina and sports performance and simply look and feel great. Come join our Core Kensington’s unique small-group classes on the mat.

Pilates Matwork for Men Can Push Your Strength to the Next Level.
It’s not about stretching and breathing only. Enhance your performance lifting weights, on the tennis court, boxing, on the ski slope, even on the on the golf course. You name it. Work on your stabilising muscles increase your mobility and core strength.  You will be challenged and surprised on how you can up your game. We offer pilates matwork classes London and Kensington.

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pilates matwork classes london
Photography © Merrithew Corporation. Used with permission. www.merrithew.com