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Premium Pilates reformer classes

Small Pilates reformer classes in the most beautiful Pilates studio in London's Kensington and Holland Park. Chose from a wide range of class levels for any age or ability. Intelligent Pilates, skilfully delivered,

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Top Pilates personal training

Train with a highly qualified team of certified STOTT PILATES® instructors. Overseen by a registered osteopath, we are committed to deliver unparalleled, scientifically-based Pilates instruction

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  • Nested in the park at 375 Kensington High Street, Core Kensington boast fresh air and sunshine like no other Pilates studio in London.
  • Our award winning design embodies Joseph Pilates’ philosophy of wellness and fitness
  •  Fully certified STOTT PILATES® instructors deliver personal training sessions and small Pilates reformer classes that feel like semi-privates
  • Only up to 6 participants per reformer class, ensuring that you are getting results quickly. Powered by the exceptional, high-calibre Merrithew® equipment

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Pilates Classes

Classical Pilates classes with a contemporary approach to the method. Our exercises can make a difference in your quality of life with no pain, but plenty of gain. Reduce back pain, improve your mobility, strengthen your joints. We teach the evidence-based, intelligent STOTT PILATES® method. The original Pilates method has been further developed with accepted practices in sports science and rehabilitation, yet preserving the classical Pilates repertoire. First class only £15 and competitive packages are available.

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Pilates one-on-one training

Feel the difference in your body immediately with tailored, one-on-one Pilates training with attention to detail, all our cutting edge equipment at your service and focus only on your mobility and coordination. Our all STOTT PILATES® certified team of instructors can customise your exercises to your needs. We will team you up with the best suited instructor tailored for your needs with our own personal pilates training! It is only £50 for your first session.

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  • Sundays - Clear away the rust of the whole week

    Sundays - Clear away the rust of the whole week

    Our Sunday schedule just got better. You asked, we delivered!

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Which Class Should I Book?

A “Must Book” on your first visit, and don’t be fooled by the name “Basic”. Please be prepared to work hard and be challenged. This not an easy, nor an orientation class, but one that will teach you a solid base. No matter how well versed you are in other Pilates styles, book this class first. Learning proper technique is key to faster progressions. Always quality over quantity!

SOLID FOUNDATIONS. This is basically an intermediate level class that allows for stops and starts order to teach the more complex intermediate exercises. Thereby, when you get to level 3 – Intermediate, you don’t have to stop to learn them, but rather beautifully flow through the repertoire like a dance without stopping. We suggest that you clearly understand our basic principles before you progress to this level.

CONTROL, PRECISION, FLUIDITY. We will not be able to stop to teach the intermediate exercises in this class. Assuming you’ve already learned the intermediate exercises in level 2, this class will flow beautifully through the intermediate repertoire.This class is not graded by the level of increased repetitions or resistance, but rather by its level of knowledge and technique.

ADVANCED MEANS ADVANCED in a classically manner of speaking. At a true advanced level, class participants are expected to possess full command of the intermediate classical repertoire and its transitions. We will not stop to teach any of the intermediate exercises in this class. Rather, we will teach the advanced repertoire and intend to flow through it. We will surely endeavour to cater to the most advanced client in the room.


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