Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio

Our boutique Westbourne Grove Pilates studio now offers top classical Pilates reformer classes and personal training. Located inside Bootcamp Pilates (but not affiliated), Core Kensington Pilates studio offers very small Pilates group classes. With a maximum of 4-5 participants our sessions feel like semi-privates. Read about Pilates how works…

Who are we?
We are a small independent studio offering classical STOTT PILATES® instruction, run by registered osteopath, Carlo Yanez. We are conveniently located at 64 Porchester Road, just minutes away from Westbourne Grove between Notting Hill and Paddington. We share premises with Bootcamp Pilates, but we are nor affiliated. However, we compliment each other by offering completely different styles of Pilates. Our method is not “Dynamic” Pilates, but classical Pilates.

All Certified Pilates Instructors
Our instructors are STOTT PILATES® fully qualified and specialise in injuries, Pregnancy Pilates, Post natal Pilates, and functional Pilates for the older adult. Unlike many pilates studios trained in-house in quick weekend certifications, our instructors are STOTT PILATES® certified. This training is a worldwide recognised education and certification brand and its unparalleled in the industry for its thoroughness and quality.
Our method is a contemporary approach to the original Joseph Pilates method. Our intelligent Pilates method incorporates biomechanical and sport science principles yet preserving the classical Pilates repertoire. The inclusion of modern principles in sports science and rehabilitation makes this method one of the safest available. It can be modified to suit and age, abilities and levels, specific body types, postural issues and conditions.

Our Group Class Levels
We offer 4 different levels of classes. Our classes are designed to progress you from the essential to the advanced classical Pilates reformer repertoire. Our Essential classes are still a workout, but are aimed to assure that you have a solid technique required for the more advance levels.
“Advanced” does not mean that you will have more spring tension, more wight, longer hold periods of time. In the advanced Pilates repertoire you are able to still maintain the basic principles and control while increasing the level of complexity of  the exercises.

Group Class Descriptions

Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio
Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio

Essential Reformer – To be taken by anyone who is not familiar with our method or the STOTT PILATES®Basic Principles. No matter how many Dynamic classes you have under your belt, we strongly recommend that you join our essential classes first.

Essential/Intermediate – Everyone’s progress is different. Once you feel that you understand our Essential repertoire, come join our Essential/intermediate classes. This class will introduce you to the intermediate repertoire, while still being able to stop and analyse the exercises.

Intermediate –  Our instructors will be able to stop and teach the basics on this class. The flow will be faster and you will need to know how to change your settings on the reformers, and transition between exercises with ease.

Intermediate/Advanced –  We expect participants to be very comfortable with the classical intermediate reformer repertoire in this class. We will flow and tap into many of the advanced exercises.

Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio


Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio
Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio

Our Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio is located  at 64 PORCHESTER ROAD, BAYSWATER, LONDON W2 6ET.

Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio
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