Pilates for Teens

Pilates for Teens

Pilates for teens can make a massive difference in their development and performance. Introducing Pilates exercise at an early age can provide the younger populations with a solid core foundation, stronger spine and joints and better movement patterns. This in turn can enhance their musculoskeletal development and athletic performance. Whether your teenager is a runner, plays tennis, rowing Pilates can help him/her improve the game

Why Pilates for Teens?

Improved Core Strength, Reduced risk of back Injuries.

Even at a young age nothing is worse than being out of the game when it comes to back pain. Training the smaller muscles that support your joints can reduce the chance of injury. Training tour deep core musculature can reduce the chance of back pain by stabilising your spine and back muscles, which in turn  will give you much more support when you’re practising sports.

There is evidence that contemporary Pilates, such as the style taught at Core Kensington can has a positive effect on abdominal and lower back muscular strength, abdominal muscular endurance and posterior trunk flexibility.(Sekendiz et al. 2007)

Increased Flexibility for athletic Performance

Poor flexibility may increase the risk of certain acute and chronic injuries among teenagers.

If your teenager is involved in any kind of sports activity Pilates exercise can help improve his/her flexibility safely and intelligently.

Low levels of flexibility are often observed among teenager populations and as a result, various authors now recommendthe inclusion of specific programmes to improve flexibility among teens. “Pilates can be used as an adjunctive exercise program to improve flexibility, enhance control-mobility of trunk and pelvic segments. It may also prevent and attenuate the predisposition to axial musculoskeletal injury (Phrompaet et al. 2011). A recent study also showed that “six-weeks of Pilates training in Physical Education classes has significantly improved the hamstrings flexibility among adolescents” (Gonzalez-Galvez et al. 2015).

Improved Body Awareness and Coordination

Watching gymnasts at the Olympics or a principal dancer executing complex choreography can make anyone appreciate the importance of body control, awareness and movement coordination. Complex coordination and body awareness are learned at an early age. Parts of the brain, such as the cortex, the premotor area, and neuromuscular connection development are strengthened at early ages. Pilates for teenagers promote this type of body awareness and coordination.

Mindful Movement

More and more people are realising the benefits of mindful forms of exercise. We now understand that mind and body are interconnected and one affects the other directly.  “Mindful forms of exercise help to reduce stress, bring a calmer state of mind through precise, controlled forms of movement and focus on breath.Mindful Movement can be adapted to suit all ages, fitness backgrounds and abilities, helping professionals and clients lead healthier, more active and mindful lives”. (Content © Merrithew Corporation, used with permission)

Core Kensington offers one-on-one sessions for teens. Contact us for more information.


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