Pilates Classes appropriate level for me

Pilates Classes appropriate level for me

Pilates Classes appropriate level for me

People often ask when they book Pilates Classes, what is the appropriate level for me?
If you have never danced tango before, would you book into an intermediate class? NO, right? Same in Pilates. Pilates exercise was created by Joseph Pilates who was influenced by professional dancers, gymnasts and athletes. The repertoire is complex and requires mastering. Very few actually get to master the advanced repertoire.

Booking into the wrong Pilates class
Quite often people that consider themselves very fit but have never done Pilates sign up for my intermediate reformer class for the first time. I think this is because they expect a beginners class will be slow, boring, and for those who are not active or have back pain. Although there is some truth to the fact that many sedentary people with back issues tend to come to beginner classes, but in the beginners classes we teach the proper technique and basic principles.
Instead, what we end up seeing is that newcomers get lost in the intermediate classes. Novices who book into intermediate classes do not get to feel the right muscles due to poor execution and lack of proper technique. Additionally, there is the danger of injury when not executing the exercises properly. Same would happen with anyone who tried to do advanced fencing class, right?
The complex choreography the classical Pilates repertoire is not mastered in 1 class. One needs to learn the basic repertoire in order to progress to more advanced levels.

What about Dynamic Pilates?
Dynamic reformer is different to the original Pilates workout. Although the Dynamic reformer classes do not follow the choreographed classical Pilates repertoire, these classes do teach proper technique in their beginner classes and as such, it must not be ignored.

The bottom line is: If you have never done reformer classes, whatever the style, you must attend the beginners classes if you want to get the best out of the workout.

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