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Getting to know the Pilates reformer equipment

Getting to know the Pilates reformer equipment Starting Pilates training can be daunting, especially seeing the Pilates reformer for the first time. People often comment it looks similar to torture apparatus or even S&M machines!   The Pilates Reformer  The Pilates Reformer is probably the most famous piece of...

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Pilates Classes in Lancaster Gate London

Pilates Classes - just 18 minutes away from Lancaster Gate London [caption id="attachment_2435" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Pilates Classes - just 18 minutes away from Lancaster Gate London[/caption] We are open: Mondays-Thursdays: 6:30am-9:00pm Fridays: 6:30am-5:00pm Saturdays: 9:00am-3:00pm Sundays: closed For after-hour trainings we will strive to accommodate any request. See our weekly Pilates classes timetable Please note...

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Pilates classes for men

Pilates classes for men Is Pilates helpful for men? People ask me this question all the time to which I respond with a resounding YES! Pilates has never been just for women, although of course it is very popular amongst females. Joseph Pilates was after all a man...

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