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Pilates exercise for low back pain

New evidence for Pilates exercise for low back pain The new guidelines for low back pain published by the National Institute for Care and Excellence in the UK recommends exercise as a first line measure. This cut-off from "The Osteopath" explains how exercise is the first-line...

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Cardio Pilates

Can Pilates be cardio based? Yes, but only if it's performed dynamically, like our dynamic class on the Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder that is attached to the Pilates Reformer Apparatus®. We offer cardio Pilates in a crazy fun class called Cardio Tramp. This is an interval training class on the...

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Pilates for persistent low back pain

Pilates for persistent low back pain Low back pain is a common problem, it affects around 1/3 of the adult UK population every year. Approximately 20% of people with low back pain (that is, 1 in 15 of the population) will consult their GP about it. Pilates exercise can make a...

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Pilates for Weight Loss

Pilates for Weight Loss  How can Pilates help you loose weight? Many people don't understand how Pilates for Weight Loss is possible. Pilates is like any discipline. Initially, you must learn the technique. Once you have mastered the essential repertoire, you can actually move onto a flow...

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Pilates for Jet lag

Pilates for Jet lag If you are like myself, a very frequent traveller, you know very well the effects of jet lag, or desyncronosis, as its referred to in medical terms. Altering the body’s circadian rhythm gives your body a shock so the body then takes...

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