Core Kensington

Reformer Pilates Studio Kensington London

MEET OUR BEAUTIFUL REFORMER PILATES STUDIO KENSINGTON LONDON In the heart of Kensington, offering premium reformer classical and contemporary Pilates on equipment, Barre/reformer classes, Cardio Tramp classes and personal training. Supervised by an osteopath and fully qualified STOTT Pilates instructor, we offer rehabilitation Pilates, and sports conditioning. Take...

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Combining Pilates with Strength & Conditioning Exercise

FIX YOUR BODY, LOOK YOUR BEST Combining Pilates with Conditioning Exercise CORE Kensington is a designated Pilates studio with Pilates reformer, barre, Pilates matwork and Pilates foundation classes. But we also offer resistance training with strength and conditioning trainer Max Ziegler. What is ‘conditioning? Conditioning training is defined as...

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Book Pilates Classes Core Kensington London

We are proud to announce that our new app to book Pilates Classes Core Kensington London is here! Download it today to easily book online, purchase classes and packages from our phone or mobile devise. [caption id="attachment_1713" align="alignleft" width="676"] New app for booking Pilates Classes Core Kensington...

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Pilates abdominal exercises

How effective are Pilates abdominal exercises and training? Whether the goal is preventive, injury recovery, rehabilitation, or performance enhancement good ‘‘core’’ fitness is a must, and the way your abdominal muscles are recruited is crucial. This is how the correct Pilates abdominal exercises can help improve...

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Back Pain Pilates Reformer classes

Pilates Reformer classes W14, London

Pilates Reformer classes W14, London At 375 Kensington High Street, Core Kensington offers small Pilates Reformer classes in a beautifully appointed studio. In other words, Intelligent Pilates, skilfully delivered. Improve your general wellbeing and help reduce your low back pain. Therefore, if you suffer from non-specific, mechanical...

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Pilates strength and conditioning studio

Pilates strength and conditioning studio Max Ziegler, our strength and conditioning coach talks about his abilities, and how he has been successfully incorporated into our Pilates studio adding another dimension to our services, including Teens conditioning and Teens kickboxing. Studies have found that physically active people were...

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Teens Conditioning classes and Pilates for Teens

Teens Conditioning classes and Pilates for Teens We are proud to offer Teen Conditioning classes and Pilates for Teens on our timetable. Max, our conditioning trainer travels to clients houses to work with their children either in local parks, at their homes. For Pilates, CORE Kensington...

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Pilates Reformer Classes London W11

Pilates Reformer Classes London. Previously in W11, but not far, we have moved to a new beautiful studio in Bayswater. Our studio is  powered by only the best "Premium Reformers" and top instructors in the market. Innovative classes for discerning people. Unlimited classes package available this...

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Unlimited Group Classes for one month. Limited time offer!

SUMMER BODY 2015 Sizzling summer workouts! Treat yourself to unlimited group classes for a month and feel great all summer. For £250 you can explore reformer, barre, barre/reformer and HardCore for a full month.* [caption id="attachment_1207" align="alignleft" width="300"] Unlimited Group Classes for one month. Limited time off...

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