Pilates low back pain exercises

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Back Pain Exercises

Why Back Pain Exercises "Change happens through movement and movement heals" Joseph Pilates. Back pain exercises are commonly used in rehabilitation. Movement is important because if you are stiff in one area, movement shifts to another area, which will then break down faster. For instance, if your...

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Is Pilates good for low back pain?

Is Pilates good for Low Back Pain?

Is Pilates good for Low Back Pain? When people ask if Pilates is good for low back pain my answer is a resounding YES. However, there are many important variables to consider. To clarify, not ALL Pilates exercises are great for all back pain sufferers because not all...

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reformer pilates classes

Pilates Exercise For Back Pain

Reformer Pilates for back pain Reformer Pilates can be very beneficial for back pain. However, One size doesn't always fit all. Some of the widely advocated benefits of regularly practising Pilates reformer are improved core strength, posture, and increased flexibility. These will help you improve and prevent...

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