Exercises for back pain

Exercises for Back Pain

What are the best exercises for back pain? The 5 best exercises for back pain are the ones you can easily commit to doing every day. Evidence suggests that exercising regularly is beneficial for people with low back pain. Moreover, research shows that becoming sedentary is...

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Back in shape with Pilates Classes

Get in shape with Pilates classes - Transform your body - "We must be the change we wish to see" M. Gandhi. There is no better time to start Pilates than today. If you are interested in change, adding Pilates exercise to your routine can make a...

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Pilates classes

Pilates and Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Pilates Exercise Nowadays almost everyone, football players, celebrities, from rehab clients to aging populations are eager to regain mobility experience the benefits of including a mindful type of workout in their exercise regimes. What type of mindfulness exercises are right for you? In the words...

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Is Pilates good for low back pain?

Is Pilates good for Low Back Pain?

Is Pilates good for Low Back Pain? When people ask if Pilates is good for low back pain my answer is a resounding YES. However, there are many important variables to consider. To clarify, not ALL Pilates exercises are great for all back pain sufferers because not...

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What is Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a widely accepted and fantastic form of exercise pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates (1883-1967). Mr Pilates was a gymnast and bodybuilder and moved to England from Germany before World War I. There, he began developing his concept of an integrated and comprehensive...

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Pilates for Teens

Pilates for teens can make a massive difference in their development and performance. Introducing Pilates exercise at an early age can provide the younger populations with a solid core foundation, stronger spine and joints and better movement patterns. This in turn can enhance their musculoskeletal...

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The Benefits of Pilates Classes

Pilates classes can make a difference in your quality of life whether you are a complete beginner, a sports enthusiast or suffer from injuries. Some of the benefits you can expect with Pilates classes are: Improved body mobility. Get out of bed easier in the morning! As...

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Improve your posture

How To Improve Your Posture

Tips on how To Improve Your Posture A head forward posture should give you a clue to whether you might need to improve your posture or not. With the ubiquitous use of mobile phones, tablets and computers, most of us nowadays spend hours at a time...

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Contrology Pilates

“Contrology” Pilates

What is Contrology? Contrology is synonym with Pilates. In other words, Pilates exercise was originally named “Contrology”. That's right, Mr Joseph Pilates, whom the exercise Pilates is named after called his style of fitness Contrology. However, the general public regarded it as just Pilates, "Contrology" or...

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Pilates Summer Offers

New Pilates Summer Offers 2016! Feel fantastic this summer under the sun, show your toned, flat waistline in a skimpy outfit. These offers Pilates Summer Offers are for you! Book now and get ready to burn and tone this summer. We offer a variety of classes that will make...

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