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Pilates for you and the team

Todays work life can be very stressful, especially in a city like London. We quite often sit all day long. Starting in the morning commute, working, at lunch and back home again. The lack of mobilisation can create issues with several parts of your body including the spine and the first thing you will notice is pain. This can lead to lack of concentration, fatigue and ultimately leading to illness and absence from work. Pilates is becoming increasingly popular as the positive impact on not only the individual but the whole team is felt, researched and talked about.


Pilates can help decompress the spine, improve posture, increase muscle awareness & strength to assist in reducing neck & back pain. These non-impact exercises engage both the body and mind and can practically help boost productivity and soothe away stress. It is also an excellent team building activity!

Improve your posture

15% discount for our Corporate Clients


We will issue a unique discount code that can be applied to our app and online web shop. The discount can be applied to all single sessions and package pricing, but not for “first session 50% off” specials and limited time flash sales. Only for agreed corporate clients who has signed up with their registered email.

Intelligent Pilates – Intelligent Solutions

We can offer 2 different formats for you and the team to take advantage of this great offer.


  • Option 1:

The team can filter into our popular regular schedule at our beautiful Kensington studio.

This way you can work out when its suitable and around your schedule. Morning, afternoon or evening. You can even join in the weekends! Booking is simple online or on our app.


  • Option 2:

We create a closed class at our studio in Kensington, just for you!

This exclusive class can have up to 6 participants. Great option for team building!

Private trainings can be booked by phone, online or by app according to normal availability.

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