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Carlo Yanez


Registered Osteopath B.A.(Hons.), BSc. Ost.(Hons) in Ballet
Fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor & Rehab Reformer RR1 & RR2

Carlo's affection for Pilates was born after a dance injury when he discovered the benefits of spinal rehabilitation through the contemporary STOTT PILATES® method.
His eye for precision and attention to detail stems from dancing professionally with various ballet companies and from teaching professional dancers and athletes.
Carlo trained at the STOTT PILATES® Training Centre in Toronto, Canada where he has recently completed his STOTT PILATES® Rehab Reformer RR1 & RR2 courses in 2019.
Carlo's Pilates specialties include Pilates for scoliosis, osteoporosis management, ante/post-natal populations and Halo® core-integrated bodyweight training. Carlo is a certified Xtend Barre Workout® instructor and a licensed medical acupuncture therapist.


Egil Hagen

Administrative Director

BS in Tourism and Marketing
Egil is who keeps the wheels turning. He oversees your entire experience from booking, arrival, class and welcoming you back to our studio.
Additionally, he oversees all administrative, bookkeeping, payroll, marketing, human resources, IT and scheduling.

You mightn't always meet Egil directly at the studio, but he overviews the entire operation. With a BS in Tourism and Marketing, he brings decades of experience in high end hospitality including luxury hotels in London, six star cruise ships and airlines to ensure your visit embodies our mantra ``Intelligent Pilates``


Katie Gibson

Assistant Manager

Katie was introduced to Pilates as a young ballet student in The United States. Throughout her fifteen-year professional ballet career with the San Francisco Ballet, Miami City Ballet and Suzanne Farrell Ballet, Pilates played an integral part in her conditioning and rehabilitation during injury. Even though unable to perform and rehearse during times of injury, the Pilates method helped her return to ballet as a stronger dancer with more control of her movement. She believes her practice of Pilates allowed for the longevity of her career and healed her from the injuries doctors deemed as career ending.

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