Get in shape with Pilates Classes

Get in shape with Pilates Classes

Get in shape with Pilates Classes

Get in shape with Pilates classes

Transform your body –

“We must be the change we wish to see” M. Gandhi.
There is no better time to start Pilates classes than today. Without a doubt, if you are interested in change, adding Pilates exercise to your routine can make a massive difference. Especially in the way you look and feel in your own body.

What can you expect from regularly doing Pilates classes?

  • A flat stomach and narrower waistline? Sure! As a result of a toned and stronger deeper core musculature your waistline will tighten up like a corset. It should be noted that transversus abdominis wraps around the waist horizontally, obliques wrap diagonally. These muscles are local and global stabilisers of the torso, and are responsible for giving you the narrow waist as they run across your waist like a corset. Most Pilates exercises aim to train your deeper abdominals.


  • Less Low Back Pain = Better performance. Pilates classes aim to retrain your abdominal musculature so that your abdominals activate in anticipation of the task in hand. For instance, while lifting a suitcase, picking up a bag from a car’s back seat, skiing, weight lifting. Pilates exercises work from the core out to the periphery, so your abdominal muscles are the focus even when you are doing arm, legs or buttocks exercises. Therefore, your abdominal muscles must activate before you push or pull, at the right time with the right amount of force for each task. This improved performance should in turn translate into your daily activities to help reduce back pain and improve sport specific activities. Retraining and strengthening your abdominal muscles help to stabilise your spine, in turn potentially reducing low back pain.


  • Stronger and more stable joints

    Control is the key. Exercises in Pilates classes are meant to be executed with control, fluidity and precision. This means that your small and large joints have to work together to achieve this. Precise, controlled movements recruit stabilising muscles that are closer to the axis of the joint, therefore these exercises increased the strength around each joint. Spinal joints, hip, shoulder joints can greatly benefit from proper execution of Pilates exercises.


  • A leaner, longer-looking body. Pilates exercise works with lower loads than strength training, so rather than building thicker, bigger muscles, the overload is achieved with higher repetitions in lengthened positions of the muscles, rather than heavy weight.


  • Greater coordination and control of your body. Pilates exercise requires concentration in order to execute properly complex movements. The more focused, connected with your body, the faster your progression. As you improve your coordination, your brain creates more neuromuscular connections and you are able to connect more muscle groups with each movement. It is not about the increase in weight or repetition that counts in Pilates classes, but the increase in connections with your muscles and the control of your mind over your body.
    This process involves brain neuroplasticity: The ability of the brain to rewire itself given the right stimulus. Use-it or lose-it. Lose it and improve-it!


How many session do you need per week?

Practising 2-3 sessions per week can make a huge impact in the way you feel and look. Pilates is a discipline, and like any other discipline, it takes time to master and to progress. Take Karate, for example, you will need time to learn the proper technique and progress through the levels before you change belts. Likewise, the same can be said about Pilates classes. However, soon after starting Pilates classes you will start feeling the difference within days of your first lesson.

New to Pilates?

There is no better time to start than today. Because Pilates classes are low impact, it is perfectly safe for people of all ages, levels and abilities.
Start from the beginning and get the technique right from the start on our Basic classes or try a personal training session.
Often times people book into intermediate classes thinking that because they are athletes, or advanced in yoga or dance, that they will be able to cope. However, Pilates, as any other discipline, follows a methodology and a repertoire. Learn our basic principles and set yourself up for success.

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