Post Natal Pilates

Why is Post Natal Pilates beneficial?

Get back your waistline safely and strengthen your core muscles from the inside out. Gradually reconnect with your core and pelvic floor muscles.
Many new mums are eager to get back in shape soon. However, exercise programming after childbirth needs to be safe during this period to avoid hurting yourself. Post natal pilates can help safely get you back into shape without damaging your muscles and joints, and our qualified instructors can deliver a safe workout during this time.

Mood Improvement and Increased Energy Levels

According to (Koltyn & Schultes 1997), It is well documented that exercise is associated with reductions in state anxiety and depression. “A study Results indicated that state anxiety and depression decreased significantly (p < 0.05) following exercise and quiet rest. Furthermore, exercise was associated with significant decreases (p < 0.05) in total mood disturbance, as well as significant increases (p < 0.05) in vigor in physically active postpartum women” (Koltyn & Schultes 1997).

Body Changes after Pregnancy:

A new mums’ body undergoes drastic changes to accommodate the growth of the baby inside the abdominal cavity. Muscles tissue and ligaments overstretch, the spine changes, the hips widen and often times body strength decreases.
As the abdominal muscles overstretch they may lose strength. As the spine changes, the lower back curves in and arches with the weight of the baby, and the upper and mid back flexes to compensate, the spinal muscles often weaken.
As the newborn baby grows and breast feeding occurs, the new mother will need core strength, shoulder and arm strength, and will need to strengthen her postural muscles in order to avoid joint issues.

How is Post Natal Pilates Different?

Post natal Pilates can provide gentle exercise to restart and help you retrain your core muscles from the deep to the superficial layers. You will be taken through the exercises gradually and at your pace and help you regain that mind body connection with your abdominals and pelvic floor muscles that may be lost after delivery.
Our team of highly qualified STOTT PILATES® instructors will ensure proper technique and safe exercises during the time of breast feeding your baby, when your ligaments are considerably weaker due to the body still producing relaxin hormones.

Can I do Pilates after a C-Section?

As soon as your doctor gives you the clear for Pilates exercise, you can join us. However, please bare in mind that you will have to be gentle initially and gradually increase the intensity.
Many mums feel eager to start training hard as soon as their doctor allows. Pilates is a great way to reintroduce exercise in a safe manner to allow the body to regain the core strength and joint strength before getting back to strength training.


Koltyn, K.F. & Schultes, S.S., 1997. Psychological effects of an aerobic exercise session and a rest session following pregnancy. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 37(4), pp.287–291.

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