Pilates Ball


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  • Dimension – 7″ (18cm) diameter
  • Material – DINP PVC (Latex free)
  • Color – Purple
  • Safety – Factory tested as burst-resistant at 100kg
  • Adjust the pressure and firmness of the ball very easily by simply inflating or deflating the air within


The Pilates ball is a must-have at home to enhance your workouts and add variety. Improve your posture after a long day of sitting by lying on the ball and stretching your shoulders and upper back. The Pilates ball helps you connect your deep muscles and challenge your stability and strength. Additionally, the Pilates ball can be used as support for a wide variety of exercises.

The ball can also be used to self-massage target areas of your body. Stretch, release and stimulate your muscles and connective tissue and increase the hydration of your fascia.


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