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Double Amputee finds Rehabilitation Pilates Necessary

https://www.merrithew.com/blog/post/2020-01-28/a-double-amputee-discovers-the-power-of-stott-pilates-as-part-of-his-rehab-journey How Injury Rehabilitation with Pilates Exercise can help Read this incredible story of a double amputee who finds the power of STOTT PILATES® exercise for his rehabilitation. His dedication and commitment in practising Pilates 3 times/week is positively helping him overcome his physical limitations. Furthermore, having found injury...

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Exercises for back pain

Exercises for Back Pain

What are the best exercises for back pain? The best exercises for back pain are the ones you can easily commit to doing every day. Evidence suggests that exercising regularly is beneficial for people with low back pain. Moreover, research shows that becoming sedentary is proven...

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Pilates Reformer Gluteus Workout

Pilates Reformer gluteus workout The Pilates Reformer offers numerous possibilities for gluteus activation and workouts. What are the gluteus muscles? Three muscles make up the gluteal muscle group. The deepest is the Gluteus minimus, overlapped by the Gluteus medius and finally, superficially covered by the Gluteus Maximus muscle. Their...

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