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Back in shape with Pilates Classes

Get in shape with Pilates classes - Transform your body - "We must be the change we wish to see" M. Gandhi. There is no better time to start Pilates than today. If you are interested in change, adding Pilates exercise to your routine can make a...

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Pilates classes

Pilates and Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Pilates Exercise Nowadays almost everyone, football players, celebrities, from rehab clients to aging populations are eager to regain mobility experience the benefits of including a mindful type of workout in their exercise regimes. What type of mindfulness exercises are right for you? In the words...

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Super advanced Pilates for men

Super advanced Pilates for men Do you think you are advanced because you can lift a heavy load, or you can hold a plank for 30 minutes? Think again. In this workout you will need strength, flexibility, endurance, control, precision, coordination and fluidity. Not easy! We can challenge our...

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