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Pilates Classical Repertoire

What is the Pilates Classical Repertoire?
I often get asked what the difference is between classical and dynamic Pilates. With the ever popular dynamic Pilates workout people are often confused unsure which Pilates method they should be doing. First, lets briefly look at what Pilates is and how it became what it is today. Then I will explain the different styles. Continue reading Pilates Classical Repertoire

Neck Pain Pilates Exercises

Neck Pain Pilates Exercises
More and more people are experiencing neck pain at earlier ages. The use of smartphones, tablets and computers has our generation hunched over, especially young people. Look around on the street, in restaurants, on the buses or trains. From children to adults the percentage of people leaned over their phones with their head forwards is astonishing. Continue reading Neck Pain Pilates Exercises

Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio

Our boutique Westbourne Grove Pilates studio now offers top classical Pilates reformer classes and personal training. Located inside Bootcamp Pilates (but not affiliated), Core Kensington Pilates studio offers very small Pilates group classes. With a maximum of 4-5 participants our sessions feel like semi-privates. Read about Pilates how works… Continue reading Westbourne Grove Pilates Studio