“There are not enough stars to rate what Carlo has done for me and my family. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and had a radiotherapy which damaged my nerve. As a result I was struggling with severe foot drop. Due to chemo drugs I was bed bound all these years and all my muscles were wasted, especially on my right leg. At the end it looked like a thin stick. Due to several operations on my spine I also had major back problems. In July 2016 my sister offered me to start sessions with Carlo. Since than I am having osteopath sessions every week. Carlo works really hard with me, puts all his effort to improve my condition and supports me in this challenging journey. I want to emphasise his extraordinary professionalism and superb knowledge. He knows exactly how to approach a problem, how the patient can achieve his goals and most importantly he is there for you when you need his support. Thanks to Carlo my muscles started building up again, my legs look normal now, my back problems are gone and today I can walk again and enjoy life. It is a big pleasure to know a person like Carlo Yanez and I will be forever grateful for his extraordinary work”.

Vakhtang Endelazde – Chelsea, London


A complete beginner, my individual sessions with Carlo are proving to be life-changing, or more literally ‘body-changing’! My ‘issues’ are scoliosis, a partial shoulder replacement and a lifetime of poor posture. Carlo’s very impressive, on-the-spot diagnosis threw up a few more and he began taking me through a series of exercises tailored to my needs.
The results after a few weeks are that I feel stronger and fitter, I have far greater shoulder mobility, and as the now more developed muscles in my back are beginning to support my spine, my posture is improving – dare I say that my back feels ‘straighter’. (Weight loss and more confidence are added extras!)
Pilates is a commitment and hard work. Carlo pushes me 100% (and more!) while making absolutely sure that I am doing the exercises correctly. But this is a JOY. It is not only very rewarding as I constantly seem to be pushing back the boundaries of my own perceived limitations, but a real bonus is that Carlo, with the concentrated care and attention he gives to all his clients, always meets me more than half-way”.

Jacqueline Power – Editor, London


“Carlo is the best trainer I have ever had. His expertise in both Pilates and barre workout has transformed my body in a matter of months. In addition his knowledge of osteopathy has left my body injury free for the first time in years. Carlo’s friendly nature, professional manner and his attention to detail makes our sessions fun, dynamic and effective.”

Sonia Garware, Managing Director, Chelsea, London, UK


“Carlo is truly amazing at what he does! His incredible knowledge of anatomy is carefully applied in the program that he chooses for you. My clicking knee is no longer a problem and my shoulder mobility has improved.”

Professor Sebastian Johnston, M.D. Chelsea , London, UK


“Carlo pushes you to limits that you are unaware of. He carefully listens to your goals and makes sure, that you achieve them. Following his advice, I started reformer and Barre method. As a result I have no pain in my knee and also look toned!

Tea Johnston, Chelsea, London, UK


Carlo’s Pilates PT helped me with more mobility, fitness and stress reduction. He’s brilliant at Pilates, mobilisation and articulation techniques and much more. His advice on core strength was invaluable and helped me to reduce my recurrent low back pain and firm my mid section. Also, Carlo helped me with my fascia problem with his tailor-made Pilates exercises.”

Jan Cisek, Environmental Psychologist, South Kensington, London


“Carlo understands the workings of the body really well, is gently persuasive in his instruction and has wonderful patience. I worked with him for over two years before moving overseas and recommend him to anyone who wants to work their body with pilates”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Lesley Taylor, BEM Independent Political Organization Professional. Chelsea, London UK


“Thanks to Carlo and Pilates we are toned, are more aware of our bodies, have a much better posture and follow a healthy lifestyle.”

Eloise and Tika Johnston, Chelsea, London, UK

Five star reviews from Google maps

“As a professional dancer I have been practising Pilates for a good number of years to maintain peak performance. Core Kensington is the one place I have found where the dedication to practicing specific form is really taken seriously. The classes have a small number of students enabling the teaches to absolutely focus on each person as if one might be in a private lesson.”

Adam Garcia, London

“One of the few studios in London that truly understand Pilates and the power it can have on your health! All of the instructors are great and deliver excellent classes without fail- however Carlo, the owner, is an incredible Pilates GURU with a wealth of experience and a fountain of knowledge! This guy knows his stuff and will leave you feeling ten inches taller, stronger and leaner. I discovered muscles I didn’t realise I had!! I hear they are opening a beautiful new studio on Kensington High Street in April, excited to check that out. Highly highly recommend.”

Catalina Zbar


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