Combining Pilates with Strength & Conditioning Exercise

Combining Pilates with Strength & Conditioning Exercise

Combining Pilates with Conditioning Exercise
CORE Kensington is a designated Pilates studio with Pilates reformer, barre, Pilates matwork and Pilates foundation classes. But we also offer resistance training with strength and conditioning trainer Max Ziegler.
What is ‘conditioning?
Conditioning training is defined as “the process of training to become physically fit by a regimen of exercise, diet, and rest” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2014). Furthermore you can change your physical appearance by utilising stress, not mental stress, but adaptive body stress. Putting your body under a certain amount of stress (overload) increases your physical capabilities. With a tailored exercise programme from CORE Kensington you can force the body to adapt and shape a great, toned body as well as increase your health and well-being.

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by the late Joseph Pilates, which focuses on developing the body’s core muscles. Furthermore, Pilates teaches body awareness, helps develop good posture, increases strength and flexibility, and creates a toned body. Contemporary Pilates focuses on restoring the natural curvatures of the spine and incorporates modern widely accepted principles of biomechanics and sports science, while preserving the classical Pilates repertoire.
Benefits of Combining the Two

While Pilates and strength training are quite different, they actually compliment one another quite nicely when combined properly because with Pilates you work with the deep supporting muscles required for the conditioning exercises, producing fantastic effects in shorter time.
Whether your main goal is to lose weight, tone up, or pack on as much muscle as possible, you will go well by adding an hour or two of weight training to your weekly schedule or your current Pilates regime by combining Pilates with strength & conditioning exercise.
At CORE Kensington we regularly see rapid improvements in body composition when clients start weight training. Especially as many techniques and movements that are hard to execute correctly are a lot easier to be tackled with the body awareness, control, precision you gain through Pilates.

Ready for a challenge?
Try HardCORE our strength and conditioning class. This 45 minute class is the ultimate high intensity training mixed with mat work-to-burn fat & get your heart rate up for great cardio results. This is a conditioning class, and not a Pilates based class. It’s a fantastic class to mix with Pilates reformer. Start with HardCORE and stay for reformer the next hour.

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